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Coaching for Healthy Living

Coaching for Healthy Living

Preparing you to encourage another person to achieve their own healthy living goals.


Living a healthy life is more than just exercise, eating well and taking care of any medical issues. It includes knowing that your life is going well in all dimensions and experiencing a sense of fulfilment. It is influenced by your living conditions, your relationships and social connections, experiencing positive emotions and having resilience (how you bounce back from setbacks) and being an active and valued contributor to community life.


A healthy life is having satisfaction and a sense of balance in and between each aspect.
Coaching recognises the person is the expert in their own life. Coaches support the person to take actions that promote health, wellbeing and balance in seven interconnected life dimensions. This workshop considers:

  • Healthy living and wellbeing
  • The ‘Model for Healthy Living’
  • What coaching is and is not
  • Establishing healthy relationships
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Understanding how people change
  • Using a strength based approach
  • Promoting resilience


If you need some help encouraging another person to achieve their own healthy living goals, please get in touch.

We use the Church Health Centre (Memphis USA) Model for Healthy Living as the foundation for our coaching program.

Anne van Loon, (08) 8177 4905, 0409 921 337, avanloon@baptistcaresa.org.au

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