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29. SUNDAY – Pray with us
We pray for those who are leaving prison to find a pathway that leads them away from reoffending. 

The Baptist Care SA ‘Breaking Free’ program seeks to offer local churches the opportunity to engage with men and women who have spent time in prison and are wanting to move forward with their lives.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Richard Hawke, E: [email protected].


WEEK FIVE– Sunday 29 August 2021


Join us in praying during Baptist Care Month with our Prayer Card Pack.

One side of the Prayer Card has a list of prayer points that you can pray for each day, as a church community or individually.

The other side has an example of the opportunity to learn a little about the ways Baptist Care SA works with a vulnerable group. You are then invited to pray for the effectiveness of their ministry to this population.


This week’s Prayer Card is around Communities of Grace – with a focus on people exiting the prison system.    


Download the Communities of Grace Prayer Card
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