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6. THURSDAY – Learn with us
Our Church Support Team is passionate about supporting churches and individuals to serve each other and our communities well.


As the community services agency of the Baptist Churches of South Australia, together we can:


We offer:

Training and Workshops



If you have an enquiry, contact the Church Support Team – churchsupport-team@baptistcaresa.org.au


Baptist Care SA is committed to working together in mission with the Baptist Churches of South Australia. For more information, click here.



Upcoming workshop:

Living well amidst uncertainty – understanding and supporting transition



 “The only thing constant in life is change” François de la Rochefoucauld


Change invokes a range of emotions as the normal patterns of life are interrupted and we enter a limbo period of uncertainty. There are ways we can support one another to move through the process of transition and regain a sense of ordinary life again in the midst of a new normal.


This workshop covers:

  • Understanding what happens during transition
  • Understanding loss and grief caused by unexpected endings
  • Supporting one another to move through transition


Date:  Monday 17 August

Time:  10am – 12pm  

Via Zoom – we will send you the link on Monday 17 August


PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that you register for this workshop as due to COVID-19 we may need to change the details again.


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