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A brotherly bond nurtured by Baptist Care SA

For people living with disability, building a connection with someone that “gets you” makes all the difference. 


Our Disability Pathways team is passionate about matching clients with the right Support Worker. The same goes for finding a housemate that’s the “best fit” for our clients to facilitate a smooth transition to co-living. 


Jackson and Connor* live together in a Supported Independent Living (SIL) arrangement that was carefully planned by the Disability Pathways Team at Baptist Care SA.  


With a shared love of toilet humour and cricket, their friendly banter is infectious, and their ‘brotherly’ bond is simply a joy to witness.  


While their connection was instantaneous, their friendship has blossomed with the help of Support Workers who have nurtured their relationship from the get-go. 


Service Delivery Coordinator Joanna and the Client Engagement Team (CET) were involved in the matching process. Jackson created a profile of the ideal roommate and Joanna and CET promptly identified Connor and arranged a meet and greet in a neutral environment.  


“They hit it off straight away and Jackson even bought Connor a chocolate bar as a gift,” says Joanna.   


Jackson’s act of kindness was a big gesture, as he was originally quite nervous about Connor moving in.  


“The care team has been amazing in their ability to bring Connor into the home and help Jackson adjust to having a new housemate,” she adds. 


Jackson has been very welcoming of Connor and is even comfortable sharing car journeys with him – something he wasn’t previously able to do with former housemates. He also enjoys helping Connor with his independent living skills, such as cooking and washing clothes.  


Connor feels very happy having moved into his new home with Jackson. They love making jokes together, playing sports, watching TV and playing video games. 


Connor and Jackson are both huge Christmas fanatics and can’t wait to make a start decorating their home with the help of their Support Workers. They expect to be the most decked out house on the street! 


We wish them both a Merry Christmas spent with family and a Happy New Year. 


*Clients’ real names have been changed to protect identity. 


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