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A warm welcome and a safe place

When our clients first come to our WestCare Centre, they are overwhelmed by their circumstances.  Often they don’t understand what’s happened to them and they don’t trust anyone anymore.  They feel utterly helpless.

It takes time and great courage to rebuild trust and renew confidence.  Everyone’s story is different.  While we share this journey, with your help we can provide practical support such as ensuring our clients receive appropriate medication and regular nutritious meals.

“Homeless Australians eat only 14 meals per week on average…there are a lot of factors behind the connection between homelessness and reduced access to food, including things like not having a kitchen and food storage facilities” – Journeys Home Survey, 2016

Every week, Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre needs the following items to put nutritious meals on the table for our hungry clients:

  • 50 loaves
  • 210 litres of milk
  • 400kgs fruit and veggies
  • 33kgs meat

$198 provides fruit and vegetables for the WestCare kitchen


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