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School Holiday Fun Adventure Plus!
Ultimate Summer School Holiday Adventures

Adventure Plus! at Mylor Adventure Camp is a program of daily school holiday activities where children aged 7 to 15 can experience the ultimate outdoor adventure.   

In the safe hands of our fully qualified team, children are encouraged to join in with our adrenaline-fuelled and splashed-based outdoor challenges. 

Whether it’s careening down the 200-metre flying fox or climbing to the top of the indoor bouldering wall, there’s a challenge for everyone to enjoy as they smash their goals. 

Adventures are more fun when shared with others. Our team building challenges encourage children from all walks of life to band together to reassure and inspire each other to have a go.  

Through the laughter of the children playing together, they develop trust, later evolving into supportive and happy friendships.  

The unique memories created here are truly one of a kind. 

Summer School Holiday Adventures

Week 1:  19 to 22 December 2022 

Mon 19 Dec – Fun for yourself! 

Brace yourself for that bump as you dash down the flying fox, and embrace the challenge of being pushed outside your comfort zone in a raft building challenge. Take some time to reflect on your adventure as you relish in the sunshine while playing games in the pool. Relax with some holiday themed arts and crafts. Activities include flying fox, archery, raft building, swimming pool and arts and crafts. 

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Tues 20 Dec – Team up for fun 

Continue in the holiday spirit with friends whilst you drop some Giant swing action together. You can canoe in a tandem canoe along the beautiful Onkaparinga River and share in a floating picnic and add more swimming pool fun to a jam-packed day with new friends and old!  Take in the serenity of the Onkaparinga River while you tandem canoe along it, and enjoy some time in the pool with your friends. Indulge your tastebuds. Activities include giant swing, canoeing, floating picnic, swimming pool, arts and crafts. 

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Wed 21 Dec – Have fun Flying Higher 

Feel your mood lift on the flying fox and flying possum as you overcome these high ropes activities. Set yourself a challenge on the indoor bouldering wall to climb as high as you can. Ending the day on a positive note, jump in the pool for some games and laughter. Activities include flying fox, flying possum, bouldering wall, swimming pool and arts and crafts.  

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Thurs 22 Dec – Fun going wild 

Prepare to have your breath taken away by the picturesque beauty of our natural location, or by our giant swing vaulting you into the air. You can feel reassured you will be supported in our team building crate stacking challenge. Revel in the enchantment of the camp’s abundant natural environment in a fun and eco-friendly way.  Activities include giant swing, crate stacking, nature/river hike, swimming pool, followed by arts and crafts. 

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Week 2 : 16 to 19 January 2023 


Mon 16 Jan – You can make a splash! 

Feel that refreshing cool breeze on a hot summer’s day, indulging in the scenery from above on our giant swing, before racing down our waterslide and jumping into the mud pit. Experience the satisfaction of conquering the low ropes, and inspire your friends to have a go. With a relaxing dip in the pool to follow, along with some arts and crafts, you’ll go to bed wishing this day happened all over again. Activities include giant swing, waterslide and mud-pit, swimming pool, low ropes course, arts and crafts and games. 

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Tuesday 17 Jan – Make a splash with Mates  

Water fun is always better with friends as you zip through the air on the flying fox, explore and play splash games whilst you canoe with a friend along the picturesque Onkaparinga River. Take a moment out of the sun to support each other climbing in our indoor bouldering wall and make a splash in our swimming pool with new friends and old. Step back and cherish the exciting new friendships made, as well as old playing splash games, and canoeing. Allow curiosity to get the better of you and explore our amazing site. Activities include flying fox, canoeing, bouldering wall, swimming pool, arts and crafts and games. 

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Wednesday 18 Jan – All about the water!  

Summer and holiday fun in Australia cannot be without water activities. Enjoy the sense of nostalgia from your early childhood as you play team games under the gentle waterfall of sprinklers, before making your own raft.  Have a ponder while sitting on the giant swing, and bask in new friendships made while working together to build a bridge over the muddy water. Activities include giant swing, raft building, bridge building, sprinkler team games and swimming pool. 

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Thursday 19 Jan – Natural water here, there and everywhere! 

Bask in the sun and water fun as we celebrate the holidays in nature. Race along the flying fox, push yourself along the wet and muddy challenge course. Be the first to play Archery Tag with your new friends where we get to shoot each other in the most fun and safe way.  Just add some sprinklers to cue cool and crazy enjoyment! A day you won’t want to miss!   Activities include flying fox, challenge course, archery tag, swimming pool, arts and crafts and games. 

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