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Announcing the “Incident, Hazard or Near Miss” Quiz Winner

Thank you to all who participated in the “Incident, Hazard or Near Miss” quiz from the previous newsletter. We received more than 50 responses! Please keep your eye out for more quizzes in future.

The quiz explained a scenario where ‘Jack’ lost his balance and was able to grab something to avoid a fall. We were asked if it should be identified as an “Incident”, “Hazard” or “Near Miss”. The correct answer was “Near Miss”. This is because something did happen, but did not result in injury. If Jack was unable to hold onto something and this caused him to fall to the ground, it would have been identified as an “incident”.


In case you’re wondering, based on WHS Australian standards and regulations, “Incident”, “Hazard” and “Near Miss” are defined as:


  • Incident is any unplanned event resulting in injury, ill health, damage or any other loss.


  • Hazard means anything that may result in injury to the person or harm to the health of the person.


  • Near Miss is an unplanned event happening that does not result in an injury/illness or damage, but has the potential to do so. Or, simply a situation that no one is injured or damaged but it could have been the case.


You might be asking, “But what about the oil? Was the oil a “hazard”?”


The oil on the floor is a hazard, but the question is whether Sarah (the witness), needed to report it separately.


Almost all incidents and near misses happen as a result of a hazard. When an Incident Report is filled out, most Incident Reporting Systems investigate the reason that an incident or a near miss has occurred, which includes identifying any hazards in a situation. This is why ‘Near Miss’ is the most accurate response; because reporting will automatically involve the investigation of the hazard, and solutions being put in place to counteract any hazards involved.


Therefore, the response of ‘Hazard & Near Miss’ is acceptable, but not the most accurate response in this instance.


The Winner:


Several of you responded correctly and because the participation was so high, we have decided to announce two winners instead of one.


As mentioned in the quiz rules, the winning answers were randomly selected. And the winners are…


  • “ Yuewei (William) Zhao, from Disability Pathways team




  • “Graeme Mulligan” , The Executive Support Officer


Thanks again to all of you who took part in the quiz! Stay tuned for our next quiz.

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