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Announcing the “Risk vs Incident” Quiz Winners…

Thank you to everyone who participated in the quiz published in the previous newsletter. We received a lot of responses!


The quiz included the following questions:

  1. Please explain what is the difference between a risk and an incident?
  2. Please mention which one of the elements below is an incident and which one is a risk?
  3. While cooking a meal, Jack burned his fingers and then put some ice on them
  4. A virus attack may damage our computers and the information on the systems


The responses to these questions could be a bit broad based on your reference, however, all of them differentiate the risk and incidents in a similar way.


 A risk is the possibility or chance of an event (usually a negative event) happening that has an effect on your goals. 


An incident is an unplanned event or an unexpected occurrence.


The focus of a risk is on now and future, but the focus of a incident is on past and now. So usually the language for risk is “what will be/is going to go wrong?” And for incident is “what did go wrong?”


Based on definitions above, A is an incident and B is a risk.


The Winners:


More than 90% of the responses were correct! This is very exciting and shows that you have great knowledge in terms of risks and incidents definitions.


As mentioned in the quiz rules, two winners were randomly selected from the correct responses…. and the winners of a Movie Voucher are:


  • From the Adventure team: Miriam Crosby, Adventure Therapy Case Manager


  • From Finance team: Pam Warburton, Senior Accounts Officer.


Thanks again to all those who took part and stay tuned for our next quiz.  We; hope to have even more participants!



Parham Fouladi
Risk Management Coordinator

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