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Anti-Poverty Week 2021

Anti-Poverty Week (17-23 October) is a national campaign to raise awareness among the Australian community, encourage an increased understanding of poverty and enable people to take action collectively to end it.

The key message for 2021 is: Poverty exists. Poverty hurts us all.  We can all do something about it.


Poverty in Australia

Poverty is defined as having a lack of money for immediate basic needs – such as food, housing, clothing – and for long-term savings or wealth.

Did you know there are over three million Australians living in poverty? Click here to read the ACOSS and UNSW ‘Poverty in Australia’ report.


Causes and impacts of poverty

There are lots of reasons why someone may find themselves facing financial problems. Limited access to work and income, education, housing, health and services, or sudden changes to family circumstances can all lead to financial hardship.

Without early intervention, someone experiencing financial hardship can spiral into a situation of poverty and homelessness.

Additionally mental health, social isolation and loneliness are highly prevalent among people experiencing poverty.

Baptist Care SA is committed to helping South Australians who are struggling to overcome their financial stress and find hope for the future. The WestCare Emergency Relief Program provides more than 2,000 emergency relief parcels every year.


Help take action this Anti-Poverty Week


1. Speak out for social change

Help increase awareness of poverty in Australia

Reminding governments that there are 2 key things they can do to unlock poverty for families and children, and all affected by pandemic poverty: raise income support above the poverty line and invest in social housing.

In 2021 we are again supporting the Raise the Rate for Good and Everybody’s Home campaigns.

2. Have a conversation

Start normalising talking about the money with your partner and kids around the dinner table to establish a healthy money mindset.

3. Donate now to help vulnerable communities fight poverty

Going the extra mile to support vulnerable and homeless South Australians by donating through your pay (pre-tax) is a win-win for everyone.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


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