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Providing sanctuary in times of great need.

Providing sanctuary in times of great need.


Pregnancy should be a special time – one of joy and anticipation. 


For Justine and her baby it was frightening and lonely.  Abandoned by her partner, with no safe place to stay, every day was a struggle.  Enduring the heatwaves of a South Australian summer proved to be too much.


Justine came to Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre dizzy, stressed and dehydrated.  Both she and her baby were in trouble.  Thanks to our quick-thinking team, an ambulance was called and they were taken to hospital where they could receive the care they needed. It is a harsh reality that without this care, both Justine and her baby could have died.


Every day, more than 120 people come to us for practical support.  More than one third of South Australia’s homeless have children under 14 years of age with them. Hot pavements can burn feet in seconds and many of them have no shoes.  A cold drink, warm shower, clean clothes and a pair of thongs make a huge difference.


Our Community Food Hub for concession card holders has over 80 customers every five-hour shift. The need is growing. Click here to read more.



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Thank you for caring for people just like Justine and her baby.


For more details of Baptist Care SA’s services please take a few minutes to look at our Annual Report.

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