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Baptist Care SA Community Food Hub: Thousands of concession card holders able to access free food!

Baptist Care SA Community Food Hub: Thousands of concession card holders able to access free food!


Just over a year ago, Baptist Care SA partnered with Foodbank SA to establish Adelaide’s first Community Food Hub.


Many people on low incomes struggle to afford basic food items. The Hub was developed in response to this need, providing the opportunity to shop for food and other essential items at reduced cost.


Anyone with a concession/healthcare card or ImmiCard is welcome to shop at the Hub; including single parents, aged pensioners, students and families on low incomes.


In its first 12 months of operation almost 16 tonnes of free fruit and vegetables, and 9 tonnes of free bread were supplied to just over 13,000 customers.



Susanne is one of these customers, who says that shopping at the Hub has made a big difference to her. She loves that she’s able to ‘treat’ her grandchildren to good food when they visit and is always looking for the best priced items.


Susanne shops for reduced price yoghurt at Baptist Care SA’s Community Food Hub


 “The Food Hub is a huge asset to the community in this part of town – honestly, the people who work here and the free fruit and vegies are an absolute blessing!”


The struggle to put food on the table impacts people of all ages. Right now, many young people have recently made the move from their rural family homes and are looking to live independently for the first time as they begin study in 2020. However, with the youth allowance payment remaining well below the poverty line, getting by is more stressful than ever. To make matters more difficult, the ongoing drought and the impact of the bushfires is also starting to drive up food prices.


Please make sure that you help spread the word about Baptist Care SA’s Community Food Hub, and help bring some practical relief to someone that you know.


Baptist Care SA Community Food Hub, 216 Wright St, 10am-3pm Monday to Friday. For more information, contact 8118 5200.