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Baptist Care SA’s participation at ‘Renew’, this year’s 4D Leadership Conference

Baptist Churches of SA host an annual 4D Leadership Conference and Baptist Care SA is privileged to be able to participate as an exhibitor.  The conference is attended by representatives from the majority of South Australian Baptist churches.

On Saturday 15 May, members of our Church Support Team, Adventure Pathways and Urban Education Options presented our work at the 4D Expo.

The Keynote speaker at the conference was Graham Hill who presented various Christian practices to bring healing and hope to our world. He was joined by co-author Grace Ji-Sun Kim from the USA via videolink and they shared from their book, “Healing Our Broken Humanity”. 

Their presentations focused on the need for lament – regret and mourning for an unjust situation that has caused suffering; repentance – the need to recognise we have done wrong and the role misuse of power had in causing suffering; reconciliation – the need for truth-telling, lament, genuine remorse, and the need to ask for forgiveness. These are prerequisites for true reconciliation and peacemaking. Embodying these practices will enable enables us to bring justice, healing, renewal and find a compassionate way forward together.

The program also included some ‘TedX’ style presentations full of energy and impact.

It was a great day and we’re thankful to the staff that represented us and to those who engaged to learn more about our work.


Anne Van Loon                                                                Craig McGlone
Consultant – Health, Wellbeing & Ageing             Manager, Community Development

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