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Be Care

Would you like to care effectively and compassionately for people in your church and your community?

Then our FREE updated online ‘be Care’ course will support individuals, small groups and ministry teams in your church to grow an effective Health and Pastoral Care ministry.

The course has 7 lessons– each around one hour in length. Every lesson has 3 short topics that have video tutorials and accompanying notes.  

Why not equip yourself or your team to BE CARE using a biblical, holistic and compassionate approach that facilitates health, delivers care and promotes whole health and wellbeing of individuals, families and your community.

Topics include:

Lesson 1:  Why ‘Be Care?’ 
  • Be Care is underpinned by Biblical principles
  • Be Care across the Health and Pastoral Care continuum
  • Be Care in Australia’s changing social context
Lesson 2: Who can ‘Be Care?’
  • Be Care for the whole person
  • Be Care is a whole of church ministry
  • Be Care in teams
Lesson 3: How to ‘Be Care’
  • Be Care using a person’s strengths
  • Be Care during transition
  • Be Care in a times of crisis
Lesson 4: ‘Be Care’ promotes…
  • Be Care promotes the power of community 
  • Be Care promotes healing 
  • Be Care promotes Biblical approaches
Lesson 5: ‘Be Care’ develops…
  • Be Care develops healthy community
  • Be Care develops connection
  • Be Care develops belonging
Lesson 6: ‘Be Care’ grows…
  • Be Care grows by adding a health focus to pastoral care 
  • Be Care grows by following regulatory requirements 
  • Be Care grows using Faith Community Nurses 
Lesson 7: Sustaining ‘Be Care’
  • Be Care is sustained by using boundaries and limits 
  • Be Care is sustained by practising self-care 
  • Be Care is sustained by spiritual nurture 


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