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Be Care – open until end of July

‘Be Care’ The online workshop is OPEN NOW and will stay online until the end of July


‘Be Care’ workshop will help you understand why applying a health focus to your pastoral care is both biblical, practical and improves outcomes for the person you are supporting. It discusses how your church can use health practitioners such as faith community nurses to add depth and outreach to pastoral care ministries. [We have adjusted some content to show you where and how health practitioners can be of assistance during the current pandemic.]


 The online workshop can be undertaken at your leisure and has 3 topics:


Topic A. Introducing Health and Pastoral Care Ministry as a way we can ‘Be Care’ in our community

  1. Why add a health focus to pastoral care ministry?
  • Understanding Australia’s changing social context.
  • Biblical principles guiding health and pastoral care.
  • Understanding the health and pastoral care continuum.
  1. Who can provide health and pastoral care?
  • Understanding care is of the whole person.
  • The concept of pastoral care as ‘body-of-Christ’ ministry.
  1. How do we add a health focus to pastoral care?
  • Using strength-based approaches
  • Supporting transition
  • Sustain health with self-care


Topic B. Introducing Faith Community Nursing

We explore how health practitioners can add breadth, depth and outreach scope to pastoral care ministry to enable your church to ‘Be Care’ in your community.  We use Faith Community Nursing as an example:

  1. Describe your health practitioner’s role
  • What is Faith Community Nursing?
  1. Are there special considerations?
  • What are the legal, and professional requirements of health practitioners in Australia? What next steps would a church/organisation take to commence health practitioners in their health and pastoral care ministries?


Topic C.  Join Baptist Care SA’s Health and Pastoral Care Network for a Zoom session from 10.00am to 11.00am on Tuesday 30th June

  • We will discuss the ‘Be Care’ workshop content and field any questions you may have about the practicalities of adding a heath focus to pastoral care, or questions about faith community nursing.
  • We will consider how health focus can be applied in times of isolation from this global pandemic and the increased health risks due to COVID-19.


Please contact Vicky for the private link to join this Zoom session – [email protected]

  • The session will be around 60-90 minutes.
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