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Boosting health and wellbeing

Sadly, when people are experiencing chaos and crisis, it can be incredibly difficult to access, afford and attend the very support services they need.

It’s a vicious cycle we’ve seen again and again at our WestCare Centre.

Baptist Care SA has co-designed a range of free health and wellbeing initiatives that are offered at one easy to access location at our Inner City site.

Help keep our WestCare Centre open to provide these second chances. 


These exciting health and well-being projects operate alongside our WestCare meals service, Emergency Relief program, Aboriginal Elders Program, Community Food Hub, case management, free legal aid, advocacy and referral services, and laundry and shower facilities.

They include:

  • Weekly visits from drug and alcohol clinicians
  • Weekly visits from mental health clinicians
  • A weekly physiotherapy clinic 
  • Daily visits from nurses who assist with general health care needs
  • Fortnightly GP visits
  • Pop up dental clinic (4 x per year) 
  • A quarterly pet care clinic and dog wash
  • Pop up hairdresser 
  • Arts program[1]

In addition, our onsite gym, which was impacted by COVID-19, will be reopening soon. 



[1] These programs are made possible with the assistance of our valued partners; Drug and Alcohol Services SA (DASSA), Eastern Mental Health Team from the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN), UniSA, Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS), Nunkuwarrin Yunti, Australian Dental Foundation, Safe Pets, Safe Families, Fly Bird Fly Studio and Flinders University.

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