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Building Kingdom Communities

Building Kingdom Communities

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10


A FREE five study small group discussion guide, considering how the principles of Biblical Justice apply to five vulnerable people groups in our community, providing welcome, inclusion, hope, community and life in all its fullness.

The five studies cover:

  • Communities of Justice – with a focus on people from a refugee and asylum seeker background
  • Communities of Liberation – with a focus on people experiencing homelessness
  • Communities of Shalom – with a focus on people living with mental health conditions
  • Communities of Inclusion – with a focus on people living with disabilities
  • Communities of Grace – with a focus on people exiting the prison system

The material in the studies is adapted from ‘On Earth as it in Heavenand Belonging Together on Earth authored by Rev. Scott Higgins.


To order printed copies from the Church Pathways Team please T: 8273 7100  or E: [email protected].


Leader’s Guide
Download the Leader’s Guide


Discussion Booklet
Download the Discussion Booklet


To help you advertise your small group Building Kingdom Communities discussion group click here for an editable flier. 


Prayer Cards

The pack contains five double-sided A5 Prayer Cards. One side of the Prayer Cards has a list of prayer points that you can pray for each day, as a church community or individually.

The other side has an example of the opportunity to learn a little about the ways Baptist Care SA works with a vulnerable group. You are then invited to pray for the effectiveness of this ministry.

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You can also order hard copies from the Church Pathways Team with a bonus fridge magnet holder so you can store the prayer cards as a visible reminder to pray.

Please email the number of packs you require along with a mailing address to E: [email protected] without delay!


Other resources and stories


On Earth as it is in Heaven

A resource for pastors and church leaders to explore what the Bible means when it speaks of justice as a whole church, to deepen an understanding of the scriptural foundations upon which our churches are building just communities.

Download Resources


Belonging Together On Earth

A resource for pastors and church leaders to build on as a whole church our biblical understanding of justice from ‘On Earth as it is Heaven’ exploring a theology of belonging and focusing on inclusion of people living with disability and their carers.

Download Resources


About the Author

Scott Higgins BTh, MTh, GradCert (Social Change & Development) Scott Higgins is a social justice and ethics consultant, educator and writer.

Ordained as a pastor by the Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT he worked for fifteen years in pastoral ministry and spent a decade working for Baptist World Aid where he founded the Catalyst advocacy program; wrote the widely used 50:50 and End of Greed books, preaching and study guides; and initiated the now acclaimed fashion industry supply chain reports.

After concluding at Baptist World Aid he founded A Just Cause, a delegated body of Australian Baptist Ministries, designed to equip churches to pursue justice issues within Australia; initiated Converge, an annual gathering of Baptist leaders from across Australia to lobby Federal Parliamentarians on issues of justice; and served on the Boards of Micah Challenge and Stop the Traffik.

Scott lives in Newcastle with his wife Sandy and two of their three children and is an active member of Hamilton Baptist Church.

For more information or enquiries, please contact:

Baptist Care SA Church Pathways Team
T: 08 8273 7100
E: [email protected]

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