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Building our Bridge to our Future.

Greetings everyone and thanks for the great work you are doing and the varied contributions that I know you are all making to strengthen lives and communities.


I am delighted to report that many constructive projects and inspiring initiatives are now getting underway as we begin to implement our bold new Strategic Horizons Plan.


In pursuit of the Strategic Plan objectives, a series of place-based meetings have been scheduled that are seeking to enable:




MORE PLACES where can people live, work and play together


Rachel Kemish, Carly Hamilton, Amber Smith, Anne van Loon and Graham Brown


The first of these Regional Pathways Forums was held on 14 March at Hallett Cove Baptist Church.  It included key leaders and managers working in the Southern Adelaide area. The group shared lunch together, and provided insights and highlights from our existing services and activities in the region. The group also gave preliminary consideration to some emerging opportunities to further enhance service integration and strengthen our alignment around Transition Pathways. Planning is now underway for another Southern Regional Pathways Forum that will be held late in the year when we hope that more staff will be able to participate.


The next Regional Pathways Forum will be held in the Northern Adelaide area on Thursday 11 April. More details will follow.


Welcome to Amber Smith as she steps into her new role as Executive Leader – Organisational Development this week. Amber comes to us from Mission Australia where she has held a senior human resource management role and lead a national team focused upon talent attraction and workforce planning over the last 4 years. Amber will have responsibility for leading a range of initiatives to further develop and strengthen our rich organisational culture. She will be addressing the EMPOWERED TEAMS Goals of our Strategic Horizons Plan.


We also welcome Jack Snelling into our team as Project Manager for our Health and Well-being Project. This aims to establish new facilities in the inner city and innovative approaches to the delivery of allied health services and integrate these into our existing range of services to address unmet need and ‘fill the gaps’ for disadvantaged and vulnerable people. This project will involve extensive consultation with both internal and external stakeholders over the next 2 years and I am sure that many of you will hear from Jack in the months to come.


Graham Brown

Chief Executive Officer

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