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Building Trust & Connection – Charlie’s Story

Disability Pathways client Charlie’s journey with his new Supported Independent Living (SIL) Coordinator was successful thanks to a carefully planned approach from his support team. The first visit saw them playing Forza Horizon on XBox and a discussing Charlie’s likes, dislikes and everything in between. The visit concluded with an invitation from Charlie for the following week and the week after that.   

In time, Charlie gained the confidence to venture into the community. He enjoyed VR gaming, classic car museums, shops and his all-time favourite activity – indoor go karting!  

Eventually, Charlie’s online gaming acquaintances blossomed into fulfilling and mutually respectful friendships.   

Charlie’s support team also worked closely with him to reframe his negative perception of house visits from his care team, who he referred to as the “people from the office”. Over time, Charlie started venturing out of his room and sharing his witty sense of humour. Charlie now visits Baptist Care SA on his own! The Disability Pathways team delight in his regular visits. 

Another breakthrough for Charlie was meeting his new guardian. The team supported him by offering choice around their introduction – where, what time, who would be there and mock questions. After a few practice sessions (and lots of laughs with his support team!), Charlie positively articulated his thoughts and feelings during their introduction. When asked if it went well, he replied, “I guess you could say that” with a smile, which is Charlie for “yes”!  

Charlie’s next steps are to pursue tertiary education to complete a certificate in mechanics and obtain his Learner’s permit to learn how to drive.  

We look forward to seeing Charlie continue to take great strides. Making life better, together. 

*Client’s name changed to protect identity 

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