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Care Pathways Reform Update

Baptist Care SA’s Care Pathways team continues to implement new contracts in the Child Protection space, as well as deliver newly developed programs.


Our existing SILS (Supported Independent Living Services) contract ceases on 30 June 2021. Given the new SILS contract is significantly different in its model and staffing requirements, we have been working with existing SILS staff to ensure re-deployment options where suitable. We thank the team for their engagement in this process and their ongoing commitment to service delivery.

We are currently working to ensure the new SILS program ‘ready to go’ under its new model of care, which involves providing outreach case work to individuals living in independent houses, rather than providing 24/7 support workers as we have historically done.

UHM (Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors) continues to be developed behind the scenes; although, COVID-19 restrictions still place a hold on any new young people entering this program. As we continue to support one young person, we have newly appointed a part-time Case Manager, Fara Rezaei, to support this client and assist with the program’s implementation. Fara came from our Care Pathways team and is a welcome asset to the UHM team.

PaSP (Placement and Support Packages) team continues to work closely with DCP to ensure our young people’s needs are met and they feel safe and secure in their placements, while looking for longer term options.

DIRSP (Disability Individual Residential Support Packages) continues to deliver three placements, supporting high and complex individuals in an intensive, long term support model, tailored to the needs of the individual.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, Care Pathways continues to deliver Agency Child and Youth Worker Temporary Staff Workers to DCP Placements and our Residential Care program.


As always, if you’d like to discuss any of these changes or would like more information on specific programs, please contact your line manager.


Chelsea Arnold
Project Officer

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