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Caring for our Community in the midst of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 has hit the whole world and is continuing to have a daily impact on our lives.

Everyone has felt that impact in their own way including the children and young people who are under the care of Baptist Care SA.

Our children and young people are on a journey with us – a journey to recover from the adverse childhood experiences they have faced. Walking alongside our young people is our dedicated team of support workers who, every day, face the challenges of caring for people living with the impact of trauma.

Over the last few years and significantly over the last few months, COVID has added to those challenges. Within Baptist Care SA we feel lucky and grateful to have a dedicated team of support workers, supporting our children through daily struggles, including staying with them during sometimes lengthy periods of isolation.

We asked the Care Pathways team to describe our support workers and here are some adjectives they used: dedicated, committed, brave, selfless, caring, compassionate, resilient, resourceful, child-centred, flexible, wonderful, passionate, kind, patient, selfless, generous, going above and beyond.

A message from the Care Pathways leadership team

We are grateful, proud, lucky and privileged to have such amazing people, working together with us and walking side by side with our children and young people.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our support workers, for the work that they do and would like to acknowledge their continued commitment to care, in the face of such adversity.

Thank You!

Rosalie Pace
Senior Manager, Care Pathways

Here are a few of our fantastic support workers, showing us how to wear PPE in style.

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