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Celebrating and Working Together

Now that 2021 is well underway and we are on the recovery side of the 2020 COVID Crisis, I want to encourage each of you to take time with your colleagues to reflect upon all that you and your local staff team achieved together last year.

I recently asked our Integrated Leadership Team to highlight some of the many achievements that shone brightly out of the unprecedented challenges that we all faced together during 2020… that infamous ‘Annus Horribilis’ year (#see below) that none of us will ever forget!

See the Top 20 List of Achievements that were shared… Wow!

Well done team…THANK YOU for the many great and inspiring things that you all helped to make happen amid such challenging circumstances last year!


Management PortfoliosTop 20 (COVID-19) Achievements to be Celebrated
Adventure Pathways60-70 Anangu Women and Children were provided with safe accommodation and support for 3 months at Mylor Adventure Camp in our Aboriginal Hospitality and Healing program
Business DevelopmentPrepared and submitted 22 tender/grant submissions and completed due diligence on nearly 90 contract variations/agreement.
Care PathwaysAdvocated strongly for vulnerable children and young people whilst navigating our way through DCP’s closure of Short Term Care, recommissioning of services and then securing new programs and created new teams
Chaplaincy2020 was dominated by something so unexpected we didn’t even have a category for it, but by working together our staff, volunteers and students on placement rose to meet the challenge
Church Support TeamWe celebrate the resilience of our Church partners in Collaborative Community Projects and their flexibility and creativity during COVID-19
Community PathwaysServices to thousands of vulnerable people were maintained through the creativity of our staff despite KI fires & COVID-19:

  • Development of Inspire KI
  • Partnership with Flinders University – mobilized a student workforce to maintain Inner City services
  • Doors remain open at WestCare & Inner City
  • Impressive support of FLO community
Disability PathwaysDisability Pathways continued to grow whilst sustaining a focus upon continuing process improvement
Eyre & North Country SAContinuity. The team remained fully client-focused with a can-do approach, constantly looking for innovative ways to make it work
Family PathwaysSustained and strengthened our team culture and efficiency whilst fostering cross-service portfolio collaboration
FinanceSometimes words alone just don’t do it justice… but whilst rapidly adapting to working from home, we made sure the numbers all stacked up, all staff were paid and all bills were paid without missing a beat!
Information SystemsRapidly implemented systems and deployed hardware that enabled hundreds of staff to work from home or other places.
Limestone CoastOur dedicated staff said “the show must go on!” and then worked hard and flexibly to implement “Virtual Tumbelin”, lead to Limestone Coast Toy Run, sustain homelike environments in Care Pathways, and strengthen our Partnerships.
Marketing & CommunicationsThe team was excited and energized by the engagement with new clients stimulated by the Disability Pathways marketing campaign and ongoing activities
FundraisingWe were so humbled by the generous community response to the extreme need of our vulnerable client groups amid the COVID-19 emergency
Organisational DevelopmentReally encouraged by staff response to the launch of our Staff Engagement Survey – 56% staff participation rate that revealed a very affirming Staff Engagement score of 68%
Practice ExcellenceIn spite of the challenging COVID Scenario, Baptist Care SA’s Practice Framework was rolled out and has become part of every day energized conversations across the whole organisation
Property & FleetUnderpinned the safety of all staff and clients through responsive procurement and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other essential items
Quality & RiskAgile response to the corporate needs due to COVID-19

  • Licensed 19 Residential properties
  • Supported the Emergency Response Management Working Party by developing and dynamically maintaining a COVID-19 & Risk Register
  • Provided critical supports for Business Continuity Planning
  • Vigilant oversight of our responsive Incident Management System
Executive TeamImplementation of bold and robust Crisis Management Planning and establishment of a very diligent Emergency Response Management Working Party that maintained strong leadership and regularly communicated with staff
BoardMaintained vigilance in organisational governance and mobilize resources to enable innovative management and service responses


#Did you know?

  • “Annus horribilis” is a Latin phrase, meaning “horrible year”.
  • The complementary term is “annus mirabilis” which means “wonderful year”

Whilst there will be many challenges ahead, I hope and pray that 2021 will be an annus mirabilis in which we can all enjoy some great times together.

So let’s keep up the great work team… by working together, our efforts can be ‘wonderfully’ transformational!

Graham Brown

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