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Champion for Change: Micaela leads the way

Champion for Change: Micaela leads the way

Micaela is a volunteer at Baptist Care SA’s Inner City site with a strong vision to empower others and help them regain dignity and hope.

“When people are at their worst, it’s our job to be understanding, listen to them, relate to them and help them realise that there are other ways of doing things. It’s about finding a way to help them help themselves.”


Micaela’s passion for giving back to humanity is more than a philosophy – she’s willing to roll up her sleeves and get into it! In Argentina she studied psychology and funded a small NGO, and just two months after arriving in Australia, she was out there serving her new community as a volunteer with Baptist Care SA.

She helps in any way that she can; volunteering behind reception in the Inner City, in administration for our Aboriginal Elders Program, serving meals at our WestCare Centre and assisting as a volunteer coordinator.

Although she concedes that it can sometimes feel like what we do to help others is “(just) a drop in the sea of Things We Have to Change”, she’s a firm believer that every single act makes a difference.

“The energy here (at the Inner City Site) is incredible – the clients are amazing. Having the WestCare Centre next to the office gives a kind of magic. It makes you get down to earth and helps you remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.
“The clients start to look at you differently when you don’t just work behind the office – when you start serving food too.”

Thank you Micaela for the burst of enthusiasm and passion you bring to the Inner City site and volunteering team.

Baptist Care SA has volunteering opportunities in a range of different roles, including working in Emergency Relief, or for mentors, cashiers and kitchenhands in our other programs. Please click here for more details.

Alternatively, please contact Bryan Hughes, Baptist Care SA Volunteer Coordinator, T: 8118 5228 E: [email protected]