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Coaching People for Healthy Living

Coaching People for Healthy Living: Coaching to promote wellbeing and balance in seven interconnected life dimensions 


Would you like to learn how to coach others to promote health, wellbeing and balance in seven interconnected life dimensions?


Living a healthy life is more than just exercise, eating well and taking care of any medical issues. It includes knowing that your life is going well in all dimensions and experiencing a sense of fulfilment. It is influenced by your living conditions, your relationships and social connections, experiencing positive emotions and developing resilience (how you bounce back from setbacks) and being an active and valued contributor to community life.

A healthy life involves experiencing satisfaction and a sense of balance in and between each of these dimensions.

Coaching recognises the person is the expert in their own life. This workshop builds upon knowledge and skills from the ‘Thriving Together’ workshop link to support the person to take actions that promote health, wellbeing and life balance.  This workshop covers:


Session 1: Why – Biblical principles for healthy living

Session 2: Who is the coach? Models of coaching and use of the Model for Health Living

Session 3: How – developing resilience, facilitating change, strength-based approach and skills for effective coaching

Session 4: What – effective goal setting, action/support plans and monitoring progress towards goals

This is a practical course.



‘Coaching People for Healthy Living’ is a full day workshop or two half days



Baptist Care SA is willing to provide the training FREE to Baptist Churches including the provision of advertising material and participants’ workbooks at a time and place that suits your needs. The church needs to provide the venue including setting and packing up, refreshments, and secure 8-10 participants. 

Participants receive a comprehensive workbook with additional material for later reference.


For more information and to book a course at your church contact:

T: (08) 8273 7100 or E: [email protected]


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