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Code Red at the WestCare Centre

Providing shelter and support to more than 300 people.


This Summer Adelaide experienced record breaking heat which persisted right through until the end of February. In the last week of summer, the State Government called for a ‘Code Red’ emergency response and our WestCare Centre extended its hours, remaining open for three consecutive nights.


During the heatwave, our Inner City team assisted 308 people with food, water, shelter, a cool place to stay, access to toilets and amenities, social support, a listening ear and a place to belong.


Jess, a volunteer at the WestCare Centre, spent several hours redressing wounds and helping a client remove an infection from their eyes.


“The amount of thankfulness that there is somewhere safe for them – that there is someone to have a chat. They feel really comfortable here,” said Jess.


“We gave out water, yoghurt and treats to many young children who were so happy to receive something.”


Thank you to staff and volunteers for the vital care a support they provided and thank you also to those who supported us with additional donations of food, water and more. 


As a result of increased need over the Code Red period, our WestCare Centre is running extremely low on:

– towels
– soap
– razors
– deodorant
– shampoo and conditioner
We are also low on regular Emergency Relief food items, click here to view list.

If you are able to help, please deliver items to your closest Baptist Care SA site or in work hours to 11-19 Millers Court, Adelaide (off Wright St).
Thank you for your support!
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