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Community of Care enables Alex to connect, learn and grow

At age 14, Alex hadn’t been to school for two years.  Due to complex family issues, he presented as thin, unkempt and unable to communicate with his Case Manager.  His mental health was low and his literacy and numeracy levels were unknown. 


After 3 months of assertive outreach and communications with Child Protection, Alex was moved into the care of his maternal Grandmother. This was a pivotal point in his engagement.  


Baptist Care SA staff were able to form a strong relationship with both Grandma and Alex. Support was provided with legal matters, food parcels, access to medical systems and education. Alex’s Grandma supported him to get medical treatment and counselling. 


Alex engaged well in FLO services enrolling in an online literacy program, attending weekly engagement programs and undertaking accredited short courses to give him a pathway back to full time school. 


He was passionate about motor cross, mechanics and any hands-on trades. Alex’s Case Manager worked with him to gain an enrolment in a Certificate III in Carpentry and Cert I in Automotive Servicing. He completed a work placement as a diesel mechanic at a local transport company.  Following a successful three-month employment program, Alex has gained a full-time apprenticeship. 


After 3 years of FLO with Baptist Care SA, Alex will exit the program in December with a school-based apprenticeship and ongoing employment. He has not only achieved employment outcomes, but also grown his social and work skills. Well done Alex!
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