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Conquerors of the Overland

Conquerors of the Overland

Six young people in our Youth Education and Training Services (YETS) have returned victorious after completing a gruelling 60 km hike through ancient rainforests and mountainous terrain to finish the Adventurous Journey component of the Duke of Edinburgh award.

As an accredited award provider for the Duke of Edinburgh, Baptist Care SA facilitated the six-day trek which saw participants experience the physical and mental challenges of Tasmania’s world renowned Overland Track.

But for these young participants, their first challenge was getting there in the first place.

While families budgeted and saved, for many the trip costs meant the experience would remain out of reach.

But thanks to an incredible fundraising effort which included special events and donations from individuals, businesses and service clubs, over $10,000 was raised. Baptist Care SA then self-funded the remaining $10,000 funding gap, making it possible for the participants to be a part of this trip of a lifetime.

For young father Joel, the trek even opened up a potential career path.

“…I was homeless, depressed and struggling to get through school,” he says. “Having kids at such a young age was a struggle…but I wouldn’t change anything.”

Now housed and studying Certificate III in Community Services, Joel says he’s found new motivation after returning home. He’s received an amazing offer to complete work experience with a tour guiding and trekking company, which will contribute towards his SACE.

He’s also looking forward to taking his kids to explore the great outdoors.

“It was a life saving experience,” he smiles.

Well done to our young trekkers and a big thank you to our generous donors, including the Rotary Clubs of Elizabeth and Golden Grove respectively, Lions Club of Modbury, Scouts Outdoor Centre, The Wyatt Trust, Baptist Care SA Adventure Services and Baptist Care SA Deadly Pathways, for making the trip possible.

If you would like to help us close the funding gap, please contact the Fundraising Team on T: 08 8273 7100.