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Drawing inspiration from Adam

We meet Adam and his Baptist Care SA support worker Simon on a beautiful sunny afternoon at a local park. Adam’s broad smile and happy demeanour show us that he’s been looking forward to the chat. 


He is genuinely excited when asked what he likes doing with Simon, with whom he spends every Thursday afternoon. “Mini golf, bowling, long walks on the beach, hiking, everything like that,” he responds.


We ask Adam what he likes most about Simon. “His sense of humour,” Adam replies with a cheeky grin. “It’s well twisted.”


Simon has been working with Adam for nearly a year, but they have already developed a good understanding of each other. “At the end of each visit, we talk about what we might do next week,” said Simon. “Of course it might depend on the weather and what’s open, but Adam is always up for something different and interesting.”


Adam has a diverse range of interests, from martial arts, in which he has won medals, to playing eight ball and art. As Adam shows us his drawing skills on one of the park’s tables, he talks about his passion for art and how art therapy with Simon is a goal for the future. “Art therapy is good when you’re feeling down or sad. You can draw what your feelings are and things like that.”


So what does Adam like about Baptist Care SA?

“They listen to you, they’re down to earth and they’re always there for you. I’m happy to recommend Baptist Care SA to anyone around the whole world, planet, or solar system. That would probably be everyone,” he says with a laugh.


Adam is a Baptist Care SA client and it’s wonderful to see him take on new challenges. We thank him for his time and the beautiful drawing he gave to us at the end of the day.


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