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More Food, Less Hunger, Giving Hope

Food insecurity affects every single neighbourhood in Australia, and it doesn’t discriminate – it affects a growing number of people of every age, race, and religion.

Isn’t it unthinkable that in the city of Adelaide people are going hungry today!

There is an endemic of people who have never needed help, who are now today crying out. Families who, were in recent times self-sufficient, are now struggling to make ends meet, be it due to loss of work or loss of hours, there are bills that can never be paid and food that is increasingly difficult to pay for.

Hunger may not be something you are directly experiencing … but be rest assured it is happening to someone in your street, your neighbourhood, and your world!  

And they need your help!

Your donation will help people like Michael and Lizzie, whose story we have shared below, as we support them to move forward with their lives.

You can help make a real difference
Michael and Lizzie's Story

“We’ve never had to ask for help before… we didn’t even have enough to buy a loaf of bread.”

Michael* works in hospitality and his wife Lizzie* is a student and stay at home mum caring for their young child. Due to restrictions their working hours are erratic.

Some weeks, they literally have no money left over to feed their family. The cost of food keeps going up and up, and shortages at the supermarket make it even more difficult.

“By the time we pay the rent and electricity there’s not much left. And then an unexpected bill will come in, and there’s nothing left to buy food. Sometimes I feel like it’s a choice between keeping a roof over our heads and eating. It shouldn’t have to be like this. We’ve worked hard all our lives and we’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

They went to the WestCare Centre for help to put food on the table. They were immediately given a food parcel to take home so they could eat that night.

*Names and identities have been changed to protect privacy.

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