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The Faith of Thomas – an Easter Message

Have you ever heard someone called a “Doubting Thomas”? Perhaps you have even used the phrase yourself, but did you know its origin comes from the Bible?


Thomas was one of Jesus’ disciples. When Jesus appeared to his other disciples following his resurrection, Thomas wasn’t there. So when the other disciples told him that Jesus was back from the dead, literally, Thomas was understandably a little dubious and is recorded as saying “Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands….I will not believe.”


I can’t help feeling Thomas gets something of a raw deal here.  He has become immortalised for that doubt, but actually he just wanted the same evidence the other disciples had. You see when Jesus appeared to the other disciples he showed them his hands and side as proof that he really was alive. And let’s be honest about mates and stories of hearing someone is back from the dead. Even if he didn’t think his fellow disciples were having a joke at his expense, he can hardly be blamed for not believing something that defied everything he knew about the world around him.


A week later when Thomas encounters the risen Jesus for himself, Jesus willingly shows Thomas his wounds. Thomas’ response is to fall to his knees and acknowledge Jesus as “My Lord and my God”.


Jesus then goes on to acknowledge just how hard it will be in the future for people to believe when they can’t see his body like Thomas did. Yet, people do keep believing, they keep acknowledging him as Lord and they keep doing things in his name that reflect his character. Baptist Care SA is such an expression.


So this Easter, why not check out the evidence that is keeping people believing for yourself?


Ian Warner

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