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Family Wellbeing Services Program awarded a new five-year contract with a focus on early intervention

Baptist Care SA is pleased to announce that our Family Wellbeing Services Program (previously known as Family Mental Health Support Services) has been awarded a new five-year contract.

The new contract rolled out as of 1 July 2021, includes significant changes to the model including a focus on early intervention and prevention.

As part of these changes, we’ve welcomed many new faces to the program, including team leader Glauce Raymundo. Glauce previously worked as a clinical psychologist in Brazil and comes to us with a wealth of field experience.

While the previous service ran two distinct teams, Salisbury and Adelaide, the new structure will involve one team operating out of the two regions, under Glauce’s leadership. This autonomy means that staff can work across both sites; working wherever the need is greatest.

A team of seven counsellors will continue to work with children aged 7 and younger, young people and their families for an average of six months, both onsite and through outreach into Early Learning Centres, kindergartens, schools and community centres.

Group programs will also be offered in response to genuine needs identified through group supervision, individual counselling sessions or specific school requests. This means the team can work flexibly and collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to deliver interventions that are timely and relevant.

The new model also prioritises establishing a ‘community of care’ around children and young people, using the holistic and evidence-based model that has been rolled out by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) as the common approach. The model has also recently been embedded across the organisation within Baptist Care SA’s framework.

To achieve the goal of establishing these ‘communities of care’, mini workshops and education sessions will be rolled out across the community. This will help raise awareness around young people’s well-being and identifying risk factors and warning signs. Additionally, we’ll be working together with children’s identified support people to build a sustainable support network for them and reduce reliance on counsellors.

Through these activities, young people will gain the skills and knowledge they need to successfully navigate their lives, as well as a caring network around them to support them in their endeavours.

Ultimately, we’re working towards the day when a young person can tell us “We don’t need you anymore!”

Ally Ions
Manager, Family Wellbeing Services (FWS)

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