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From Our Chaplain

I expect all of us know that Baptist Care SA is a faith based agency. After all, that word “Baptist” is right up there at the start of our name. That said, fewer of us probably understand how the depth and richness of belief in a compassionate and loving God that flows from that word “Baptist” shapes and undergirds our mission and practice in caring for SA’s most vulnerable. It is this faith that defines our very DNA as a community.

Curiously, I have begun to recognise something else that might also be described as a type of faith binding us together.

The bible describes faith as “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” That is, Faith is something we believe in because we can see the effect that it has in both our own lives and the world around us. This clearly reflects a personal belief in the work of our unseen God amongst us. So what is this faith like thing? It is the fundamental belief that transformational change is possible. That our work with vulnerable and marginalised people can have a positive outcome in their lives. That it is possible for our clients to move from places of adversity to those of opportunity. Further, this is true of each of us, whether our understanding is informed by a faith in a loving God or not.

It is this faith that change is possible that has brought our motley crew together, made us partners in a common cause and built the diverse community that we, as workmates, belong to. It is a second unseen force producing evidence of its existence in the lives of every person we help.

So it just may be possible that we are a faith based organisation because all of us are people of faith, one way or the other.

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