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1913 Lavis Pathway Team

1913 Lavis Pathway Team

Creating a pathway from Adversity to Opportunity 

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Make a regular donation each month and become part of our 1913 Lavis Pathway Team.  By doing so you will join an active network of change-makers who are committed to ending poverty and overcoming barriers to social and economic inclusion for all South Australians.

1913 Lavis Pathway Team members are people who recognise that it takes a trusted friend by your side – someone who won’t walk away or give up on you – to help you move beyond the toughest challenges life throws at you so that you step toward the life you want.   

Our 1913 Lavis Pathway Team are the heartbeat of our care and compassion for those in need, without your invaluable support, people today would go hungry and cold. 


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Since 1913 the West End Mission (now the WestCare Centre) has been engaged in transforming lives in the heart of Adelaide. Jess* is one of many who has found hope at the WestCare Centre:

“After living in an abusive relationship I discovered I had no one to turn to. I couldn’t go home. I didn’t have anywhere to live and was constantly on the move.”

We invite you now to partner with Baptist Care SA so that together we can continue the work of transforming the lives of men, women and children. 


Robert & Lucy Lavis - A Pathway to Hope 

Robert & Lucy Lavis – A Pathway to Hope 

In 1913, the first Superintendent of the West End Mission (now the WestCare Centre), Robert Lavis and his wife Lucy realized the desperate needs of homeless and Aboriginal people.  Having witnessed the great need, they created a Pathway to Hope that sought to overcome the barriers faced by those in peril.  God gave them a hunger to serve those men, women and children in need to help, in need of hope. 

Seeing the great plight of homeless people and hungry children, they established a kindergarten with accommodation for over 200 children.  As a result of the care and compassion that Robert and Lucy Lavis expressed for those in need back in 1913, many more lives have been transformed over the years. 

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