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Give Hope this Christmas
Kate’s Story

It’s hard to make your children’s Christmas wishes come true when you are homeless.”


Kate* is a single mum in her 40’s living in the northeast suburbs of Adelaide with two young daughters, one of whom suffers from autism and ADHD. She has experienced a range of personal struggles, commencing nine years ago when she lost her mother. She said, “I felt very lost after my mother died”, and started drinking to ease the pain of her loss.  “She was my world and the glue that kept me together.” Then in early 2019, her husband left the family. Kate has struggled financially over the last two years to keep things going.

 “My house used to be filled with a family: two kids, a puppy dog and a husband. There was nothing left, absolutely nothing. We went from doing well at life to being homeless and temporarily sleeping on my sister-in-law’s sofa.”

Kate first connected with WestCare three years ago when she heard about our Emergency Relief (ER) service and went to see if she could get some food.  While she was there, the amazing team at WestCare learned that Kate couldn’t afford to buy any presents for her children at Christmas, and they immediately guided her to a room full of toys.

“It was one of the most amazing moments of my entire life.  When you’re a mum, and you can’t provide for your kids, it hurts – it really does. Having toys and a Christmas lunch to give my kids on Christmas day … I was absolutely blown away, and the kids were so excited.

“Apart from all that WestCare gave me physically, they gave me something priceless that day; they gave me my dignity and humanity back!”

* Name changed to protect identity. 




Families supporting families

“This Christmas our family has decided to support a family in need. We want to give Hope and help to someone else’s family this Christmas season.”


For several years now Bonnie, Will and their children have looked for ways to spread joy, peace and love at Christmas. They recognise that they have been blessed with much and want to teach their children through practical example that caring for others is one of life’s greatest responsibilities and privileges.

This year they have decided to support the Baptist Care SA 2021 Christmas Appeal. This Christmas they will know that a family they will probably never meet will be blessed beyond measure because they cared enough to share Hope.   


Christmas is on us!

How amazing would it be to hear the words, “Your Christmas is on us”?  For a family with no way of providing a Christmas for their family, those words would mean the world, and you can be part of their miracle this year.

As you share Christmas lunch with your family this year, please know that because of your kindness and generosity, another family will get to experience a Christmas to remember.



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