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Giving our young people the ‘care they deserve’

When Chrystal (2) and Mandy (4)* received a Placement and Support Package (PaSP) with Baptist Care SA, both children presented with significant health care needs, developmental delays and missed milestones.  They were timid and struggled with new faces and strange surroundings.

Fast forward to today (8 months later), and both girls are flourishing.  They have built strong, positive bonds with their carers and with one another. Chrystal enjoys singing nursery rhymes, particularly ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and can now recite the alphabet from start to finish. Mandy started Kindergarten six months ago.  She has excelled in her learning and joyfully spends time with her new friends.

They’ve enjoyed many new experiences including going to the beach for the first time and finding out the ocean didn’t need to be ‘filled up like a bath tub’.

At the end of 2021, Chrystal will join her younger sibling in the care of her Aunt and Mandy will transition into the care of an amazing Youth Support Worker who is currently on her care team.

There are currently 12 children and young people aged 2-14 years old, settled in five Baptist Care SA PaSP houses across the Northern and Southern Adelaide suburbs. We look forward to proving the best possible therapeutic care to these vulnerable children and young people into the future – the care that they deserve.

*names have been changed

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