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Greetings and best wishes to you all for 2019!

I trust that the New Year will be a productive and fruitful one in which not only Baptist Care SA and its staff, but also the people we seek to serve will have every opportunity to flourish.

With our Strategic Horizons Plan now in hand, and Management Implementation Planning actively advancing, we are commencing the rigorous work of constructing the ‘Horizon 2’ Bridge to the future. To recap, this will mean strengthen our:

  • Transition Pathways
  • Empowered Teams
  • Purposeful Partnerships
  • Sustainable Social Enterprise
  • Influential Voice.


Whilst this strategic work is important, I am mindful that our daily work of engaging with and respectfully responding to the needs of the individuals, people, groups and communities is our core business.


Undoubtedly, the nature of our mission and the dynamic environment in which we operate will expose us to a rich blend of opportunities and challenges for our collective entertainment and discernment. So, at the outset of another year of earnest endeavour, I thank you all for being willing to faithfully ‘step forth into the breach’ once again!


I just wanted to provide you with few brief updates:

The Executive Team held a Planning Retreat on 16 January at Trinity Baptist Church and Janine Lenigas was able to pre-emptively attend. Rev Scott Berry lead a devotion that reminded us that we are all branches on the Vine and that pruning is periodically required if we are to be fruitful in season


Janine lenigas officially commenced in the role of Executive Leader – Service Development on 21 January and has been moving around the organisation, meeting with staff and getting up to speed with our implementation of the NDIS. Amongst other projects, the development of our Disability Services will be a central focus for Janine this year and her input is already making positive impact in this area.

Janine Lenigas, Executive Leader


Trevor Horskins has commenced in the role of Senior Manager – Finance and meteorological history has recorded that we clearly extended a very warm welcome to him! 

Trevor Horskins, Senior Manager – Finance


Our dedicated Westcare team has been doing an amazing job, responding to several Code Red’s during the extreme conditions that SA has suffered recently. They have provided ‘sanctuary in the city’ from the sweltering heat for approximately 50 people in the late afternoons and evenings and about 30 people stayed overnight. We have attracted some political recognition and positive media attention for these efforts.


We are still working our way through the appointment of a new Executive Leader – Organisational Development. Please pray for the selection panel’s discernment in making this important appointment.




High Performing Teams

It was a great pleasure to meet with a small group of our Care Services Team during an Appreciative Enquiry facilitated recently by our Lead Practitioner Paul Nixon and Rachel Kemish.


The group reviewed some great affirmation that had been received from the Dept for Child Protection and highlighted numerous aspects of leading practice which have underpinned positive outcomes for children and young people in our care.


Our staff spoke of their efforts to:

  • Respectfully attend to individual needs of young people, helping to restore trust and to inspire hope for the future
  • Patiently assist one client to gain their Driver’s Licence
  • Supporting another client to overcome barriers to participation in community activities.
  • Restore vulnerable people to fullness of life.


These are great examples of how staff are focusing upon supporting transition pathways for clients, supporting them to come to terms with the traumas of their past and overcoming their barriers to a brighter future. Inspiring work team!


Blessings to you all for your continuing service to the SA community in the year ahead.


Graham Brown


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