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Greetings from Shane Austin

Greetings to our Disability Pathways clients, families, friends, partners and loved ones. 

My focus is on delivering great outcomes and experiences for our clients, their families and our staff, with the community at the heart of everything we do here at Baptist Care SA. 

Commencing as Baptist Care SA CEO in January, I have travelled from Victoria, a state that has been battered around for two years by multiple waves and variants of COVID. All the while, services (those like Baptist Care SA’s) have continued to be there for the most vulnerable. During the challenges, personal resilience has been demonstrated again and again. 

The start of 2022 hasn’t been the respite so many were hoping for. So little breathing room. 

I don’t know about you; but for me, even though it is hard first thing in the morning, I try and get up to see the sunrise. I do this for a couple of reasons. One is, I need to get moving.  ‘No running for me’, just moving. The second is, seeing the night turn into day is good for my soul. It is too easy for me to carry yesterday’s stuff, worries, things I didn’t do, or things I did, and shouldn’t have, into a new day. 

I think most of us are really good at carrying baggage. I don’t mean travel baggage, but the other types, for example, emotions, worry, and grief. 

At Baptist Care SA, we work hard with our clients and colleagues learning together how to put the baggage down, work through our challenges, worry, and sometimes grief, to have an outlook that is like the sun rising, and at the same time realising that some things cannot change; we can learn how to move forward all the same. 

As I meet with all sorts of folk, I can recognise that deep down we are all the same. We all want respect and love. We ALL have aspirations, things we want to achieve, to do or be. And so it should be. 

Next time you see a sunrise or hear the early morning birds, have a try. Have a reset, leave yesterday behind, and move forward into a new day; aspire, achieve, live. To paraphrase a bible verse. Today has enough baggage of its own, let’s not carry yesterday’s or tomorrow’s. 

Take care, stay well. 


Shane AustinChief Executive Officer

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