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Hope Nominations

Alongside the Annual Conference this year, we were invited to nominate and acknowledge a staff member, volunteer, or student placement of Baptist Care SA who has brought HOPE in the course of their work. We received 32 nominations, which were a great mix of staff members, volunteers, student placements, external stakeholders and a client.


Congratulations to everyone who was nominated!

Anthony Otto, Christina Pietrobon, Hayley Lodge, Madeline Keatley, Shannon Nelson, Daniel Newton, Mark Finlay, Sophie Laguna, Brooke Autio, David Francis, Heather Dowling, Megan McCarron, Taylor Barber, Bryan Hughes, David O’Rafferty, Kimberley Powell, Natalie Vandenberg, Tegan Lucas, Caitlin Bratkovic, Derek MacPherson, Kristen Forbes, Rebekah Bockman, Tracey Sutton, Catherine Chalmers, Haroola Contelidis, Lisa Smith, Richard Hawke and Wendy Price.


Reading through the nominations, there were some common themes that stood out. These nominees are hard working individuals who support, encourage, motivate and empower others to bring out the best in themselves. They are passionate advocates for the wellbeing of those around them and generously give their time and effort to others. They are compassionate, committed and enthusiastic role models.


At Baptist Care SA’s Annual Conference, five nominees were picked at random and presented with a gift to acknowledge the great work they do in the community. These people were (in no particular order):


Sophie Laguna, Church Support Team: Brings HOPE though connecting with churches to celebrate wins and talk about how people with disabilities can be better included in their community.


Kimberly Powell, Short Term Care: Brings HOPE by being a passionate advocate for our disadvantaged clients.


Mark Finlay, Inner City: Brings HOPE by working hard to bring cheaper food for those who need it.


Maddie Keatley, FLO Marion: Brings HOPE by supporting people through some of the toughest times in their lives. 


Heather Dowling, Volunteer: Brings HOPE through her commitment and effort she puts in to the Inner City Health and Wellbeing Project.


A huge thank you again to all of our nominees.

Merry Christmas!

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