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Housing First: New housing strategy transforms lives

Healthy housing is a right, but it was a right Gabriel* had been denied his whole life.


Abandoned by his family, for years he lived with the fear, anxiety and sleeplessness associated with homelessness. He struggled with his mental health and self-medicated with drugs and alcohol to survive.


“I’m tired of being bumped around from place to place. I just need a house,” he told his Baptist Care SA support worker. “No one has ever believed in me before. If you help me get a house, I can get my life in order.”


He was thrilled the day he received his first set of house keys and moved in. 


True to his word, he keeps his home spotless. He is taking his medication, is sober, and regularly visits his GP. He’s been linked to cultural support groups and always presents as happy, with a bright smile and ready conversation.


Gabriel’s experience shows how the security of a home provides the space for recovery and treatment.


Our new Housing Pathway Strategy (HPS) recognises this struggle. Through HPS we are working with Missional Housing Partnerships, local churches, social impact investors and other individuals to grow our residential housing portfolio to 202 dwellings by 2024.

*not his real name

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