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Incident, Hazard or Near Miss?

Help Sarah and win a $20 Dollar Movie Voucher!

Risk image

This image is a test to challenge your knowledge about Incidents, Hazards and Near Misses.

Please send your responses to the Risk Management Coordinator E: [email protected].

One person will be chosen at random from all correct responses to receive a $20 Movie voucher. If you are from Mt Gambier or Port Lincoln you will receive a $20 Coles gift card.


Here’s the scenario:

Jack is a technician who repairs machinery equipment.  While working at the warehouse he loses his balance and immediately grabs the equipment to avoid falling. Jack looks down at the floor, notices it is covered in oil and has become slippery. He grumbles to himself, moves slightly away from the oily area and continues his work.

His colleague, Sarah, sees the situation and wants to report it but does not know if it is a hazard, near miss or incident.

Can you help Sarah? Just tell her in one to two sentences: which one it is (incident, hazard or near miss), and why?

(The correct answer plus the winner’s name will be published in the next newsletter. If you wish that your name is not published please mention this in your response).

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