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Is Life more than a Lottery?
  • Are children simply exposed to the lottery of life?
  • What choice do they (or any of us) actually have?
  • To what extent can individuals be the authors of own future rather than the entrapped victims of their present or past circumstances?

The challenge to end poverty sits in the hands of compassionate, socially responsible people and calls for collective, purposeful and well-coordinated efforts by members of a compassionate ‘community of contributors’.

Clearly, governments also have a significant role to play in implementing social policies that address social inequality and Baptist Care SA is continuing to express its influential voice to affect policy development in the social service arena.

During a very compelling public lecture, Professor Glyn Davis AC recently asserted that “the cycle of poverty needs off-ramps as there are already too many on-ramps”

This contemporary reality motivates the dedicated staff of Baptist Care SA. They hold onto the belief that change is possible. … even if it’s slow and the transition pathway forward is arduous.

As we tentatively step into 2021, I invite our many generous supporters and donors to consider how we might step boldly forward together to divert community traffic away from the ‘On-Ramp into Poverty’ and strengthen the ‘Off-Ramps’. Through focused efforts and collective action, I know that many lives can be spared from the ‘Lottery of Life’.

Our recently appointed Fundraising Manager, Hugh Ballantyne on (0418 483 087 or [email protected]), would be pleased to speak with you about how your compassion and generosity might be expressed by becoming a regular donor, making a living gift and/or by planning to make a gift in your will.

Graham Brown
Chief Executive Officer

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