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Mikaila lives in a unit in an inner city suburb of Adelaide. She loves her independence, but to keep it, she needs a little assistance.


That’s where Baptist Care SA comes in.


Baile is a Baptist Care SA carer who visits Mikaila several times a week to help around the house. But a larger part of her role is to support Mikaila’s wellbeing; a kind word to reduce anxiety or to assure her that she’s making good decisions, and preparing meals to ensure she eats well. Mikaila sums Baile’s role up quite simply: ‘She looks after me.’


When we visited, Mikaila was excited, but a little nervous about all the attention. She loves an outing and suggested that we all go to the park.


When asked what carer Baile does when they go out, Mikaila responds, ‘She helps, she comes to the counter and helps me pay, but I order on my own.’


In the park, Mikaila’s face lights up when she sees a man walking a dog. She explains that her favourite activity is going to Brighton or Glenelg and counting the dogs that she sees.


We asked what else Mikaila needed in life. ‘Happiness,’ she replied quickly.


Together, we hope Mikaila will achieve her dream.


We thank Mikaila for sharing her time with us.


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