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Light shines in the Darkness

We did some amazing work together last year… and some of us are still recovering.


Apart from the usual rigours of our dynamic organisation, there are a number of reasons for that…


When speaking about the challenges of our current operating environment with our Integrated Leadership Team recently, I noted that the following factors are at work:

  • We are emerging from under in the shadow of COVID-19… we achieved great things in the face of the pandemic, but it was draining
  • We are living in the ‘Age of Accountability’ which is placing an ever-increasing burden of compliance upon community organisations. The upside of this is that accountability demands attention to the pursuit of quality… but the downside is that it can also be exhausting at times!
  • Our services are increasingly being required to demonstrate ‘Outcomes’ for the people we work with, not just ‘Outputs’…it’s a good and important change of focus, but it takes time to develop and implement the systems to streamline our data around this
  • Sector Reform is relentless at the moment:
    • National Disability Insurance Scheme is continuing to evolve and we must be agile and adapt promptly
    • Child Protection service have been completely reshaped and re-contracted since October 2021
    • Family Services have been revamped and re-contracted in SA
    • Homelessness Services are in the midst of the most radical restructure seen in this State for over a decade.


In the face of such rapid and significant change, I want you all to know that:

  • Your daily efforts to sustain our current services are much appreciated
  • We recognise that all this change has, and still is, causing some anxiety in our staff teams and we appreciate your patience whilst we work through the changes
  • The Executive and Management Team have been intensely activated and constantly engaged in scenario planning as we forge our own transition pathway toward greater clarity and new opportunities.


It is for times such as these that the bible reminds us that “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has never overcome it” (John 1:5)


In this context, I extend sincere thanks to you all for keeping the light of hope, care and encouragement shining brightly for our clients and amongst each other. I am grateful for your continuing:

  • Patience and perseverance
  • Commitment to the provision of quality services to our clients (and to each other) every day
  • Patience and resilience amid the anxiety that emerges from uncertainty
  • Focus upon offering Transition Pathways from adversity toward opportunity to individuals, groups and communities that are vulnerable and need to know that someone cares.


Blessings and best wishes


Graham Brown
Chief Executive Officer

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