Living life to the full

The moment we met 18-year old Raphael in his unit, we knew he was a character.


Knowing we were paying him a visit, Raphael had just mopped the floors.


“I don’t mop as often as I should,’ Raphael said with a laugh. His Baptist Care SA carer Letecia disagreed. ‘He’s actually really good – always helps me with the cleaning.” The home was tidy, with not a thing out of place. Even his scooter was tucked away neatly in the lounge room.


Raphael calls Letecia ‘Teesh’ and it was immediately obvious that they had a friendship as much as a carer/client relationship.


When asked how Baptist Care SA had helped him, Raphael became serious for a moment…


“They’ve been great. Three months ago I went to Glenelg on my own. It was something I’d wanted to do without support since I was 16. But they’re the ones who actually got me to do it.  That was a scary trip, but they really encouraged me to get out there.’


“After that, he started going out more,’ added Letecia.


I asked Raphael about his next goal.  ‘I really want to become a scooter mechanic.’ With that, he grabbed his scooter and headed for the door. ‘Come on, I’ll show you my moves. I’m getting good hey Teesh?’


‘Well you’re on it often enough,’ Letecia replied with a smile.


Thanks Raphael for sharing your day and showing us your moves.


Raphael is a Baptist Care SA NDIS client.  We’ve worked for him for the past seven months and it’s been great to see him develop and grow.


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