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Meet Claire – Client Engagement Officer

1. What does your role involve?

As a Client Engagement Officer, I am the first point of contact with potential clients. My job is to connect clients with the supports that they need. I liaise with clients over the phone or email, taking as much information as I can in that initial discussion.  

Things that we might discuss include where they live, what type of supports they want, whether they have an approved NDIS plan and whether it’s their first plan. Many people don’t understand some of the NDIS terminologies, so this is something we help them understand and whether we can provide their required supports. 

If they choose Baptist Care SA as their registered NDIS provider, we process the paperwork then connect them to staff in different support areas within the organisation. For example, the Developmental Educators, Support Coordinators, Supported Independent Living Coordinators.  

We also contact clients once their plan has finished to determine whether they wish to renew with Baptist Care SA.  


2. What do you enjoy most about your work? Why do you work in a disability team?

I previously worked with children in a disability setting in the UK. I enjoy continuing to work in a disability service setting here. It has been a natural progression.  

I enjoy being able to connect clients with supports that they require so that they can improve their quality of life. The disability sector is ever-evolving and it can be challenging for clients to navigate. I am honoured to work in a role that can mitigate some of that confusion.  

There are even times when Baptist Care SA don’t offer the services they require, but I am still able to assist in connecting them with other providers that do. There is nothing more satisfying than interacting with and helping clients.  


3. What do you think are the most important things about providing a good service for our clients?

Ensuring the client is at the centre of all that we do is the single most important thing. We connect them with the services that will make the most positive difference to their life.  

We listen to our clients. Their voice is heard and we work hard to make sure they have a good understanding of the services that they need. We listen with intent, to what they really want and need.  


4. Can you give an example of a successful client relationship you’ve had / you have now?

Recently, I had someone that we couldn’t support so I phoned a few other providers and helped them connect as they were unsure how to do it on their own. We like to consider people’s needs and do our utmost to help them, even if we can’t directly service them. To us, that’s what being client-centric really means. Putting the needs of each and every enquiry first.  


5. How do you make sure your client is satisfied with the service we provide?

A number of ways. If they renew their services, this is a good indicator of client satisfaction. We also implement client surveys to gauge their feedback.  


6. If there are challenges for our clients, what sort of initiatives can we put in place to support them?

As we work with a lot of clients that live with intellectual disabilities, the challenge is whether they comprehend the services they require and how we can help them. When it comes time to fill out the paperwork, we work alongside them (and/or their support people) to make sure they understand what they’re signing and agreeing to. They also have the opportunity to advise us if they are not satisfied with our services.  

Also, making sure our clients are central to everything that we do. Their choice and control are key.  


7. We pride ourselves on working alongside our clients, at their pace – why do you think this is so important? 

It’s important to work alongside our clients to ensure their choice and control at all times. We want them to have ownership of the decisions they make in their lives and to continue their journey, at their own pace. Baptist Care SA is there to provide support where needed.     


8. What are your interests?

I am generally busy with family life and I enjoy taking my dog for walks on the beach. I enjoy going out with friends and family and I am looking forward to spending time with my family who live overseas, which is difficult at the moment due to Covid. 


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