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My Choices

‘My Choices’: a workshop to help people consider personal preferences and make practical preparations that facilitate quality end-of-life support.   


If something were to happen to you today, are you practically prepared for someone to manage your affairs and ensure your care preferences are fulfilled?


If not, this ‘My Choices’ workshop will help you think through your personal choices and what practical preparations you can make to facilitate quality support at the end of life.

If you, a family member or a friend, are ageing and/or ill, this workshop is for you.

We will talk about how to use the ‘My Choices’ guide to think through support and care preferences as you age and move towards the end of life.

We will discuss ways you can become more confident to talk with your family and friends about your preferences. We will consider how to chat about dying and end of life care in just the same way that we speak about all of the other things in life.


The ‘My Choices’ workshop covers:

  • How to use the ‘My Choices’ guide – a resource guide to open your thinking and organise your planning
  • Documenting your preferences
  • Having ‘the conversation’
  • Managing your health and care needs
  • Considering your end-of-life preferences


Baptist Care SA is willing to provide the training FREE to Baptist Churches including the provision of advertising material and participants’ workbooks at a time and place that suits your needs. The church needs to provide the venue including setting and packing up, refreshments, and secure 8-10 participants.  Participants will have the option of purchasing a ‘My Choices guide’ for $15 to assist them in workshop and their ongoing planning.


For more information and to book a course at your church contact:

T: (08) 8273 7100 or E: [email protected]


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