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‘My Life’ Healthy Living Journal

The ‘My Life’ Healthy Living Journal encourages people to create a wellness vision for their life. The journal encourages people living with chronic conditions, mental health issues and/or disability to do more than just manage their condition. They record their visions with goals and action steps, document contact details of health professionals, support workers and service providers, note information about appointments, activities, actions/interventions to meet their goals, and the methods being used to monitor progress and outcomes over time. It helps the person to communicate effectively with their support team and health professionals.

This resource is underpinned by the “Model for Healthy Living” (Church Health Centre, 2012) which looks at seven life domains: movement, medical considerations, work/volunteering (skills and talents), emotion, nutrition, family and friends, and faith/spiritual life.  An overriding feature of the model is that it recognises how the various life domains interrelate and the importance of gaining and maintaining balance between all seven domains.

Section 4 of the journal explores each dimension.



The journal uses the ‘Look-Think-Act’ process to explore each of the five sections:


1. Look

Explore current health issues and assess satisfaction in each dimension using the Model for Healthy Living.

  • My personal information
  • My health
  • My assessment


2. Think

Develop a vision for a healthy life and explore personal strengths, supports, and consider the barriers to achieving the person’s vision.

  • My vision
  • My strengths
  • My circle of support


3. Act

Create goals, enact a plan and monitor progress toward the achievement of the person’s goals.

  • My goals
  • My plan
  • My progress


4. The Model for Healthy Living Dimensions

The person can explore each of the dimensions of the Model for Healthy Living using the Look, Think, Act process to help clarify thinking, and develop goals and action plans.


5. My Current Health

Blank forms to document information about the person’s current health status.


Once filled out, the journal can be used to share information with a support team so they understand the person’s goals, plans, actions and instructions to achieve balance to the whole of life.


Many of the worksheets are available separately, so the information, vision, goals and action plans can be updated as a living working document. There are additional resources here:



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