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New Mental Health Pilot Program

Almost three-quarters of people sleeping rough in Adelaide live with mental illness and, undiagnosed or untreated, this is often a barrier to accessing services that could help them find housing.


Baptist Care SA is committed to ensuring every South Australian has access to the health care they need and for homeless people experiencing mental illness, the right support and treatment could offer a lifeline


The pilot, a partnership between Baptist Care SA and the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN), will coordinate mental health care and support for those accessing other services at the WestCare Centre, a recognised safe space for people experiencing homelessness. 


“This collaboration, and the streamlining of access to mental health treatment, will greatly improve the health and wellbeing of those who need it the most.”


Services offered through the new program include clinical assessment for acute mental illness, coordinating treatment between hospital and community settings, and assistance in accessing additional appropriate support through primary health services.


CALHN will also work closely with Baptist Care SA staff to provide training and guidance on the symptoms and treatment options for mental illness, so those suffering can be identified promptly and offered support and treatment as quickly as possible. 


In-reach services are provided every Tuesday and Thursday morning.


To find out more, please visit the WestCare Centre at 11-19 Millers Court (off Wright Street) Adelaide.

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