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New resource: “My Choices”

New resource: “My Choices”

If something were to happen to you today, are you practically prepared for someone to manage your affairs and ensure your care preferences are fulfilled?
‘My Choices: An A-Z of personal choices and practical preparations to facilitate end of life support’ can help you.

My Choices is a guide to help you think through your end of life care. It will help you have a conversation with your family and significant others about your wishes so that you can document your preferences and leave instructions.

My Choices covers five areas:

  1. My Personal Contacts
  2. My Personal Administration
  3. My Health
  4. My Care
  5. My Death

Each are has a specific A-Z index to prompt your thinking and help you to have conversations within your family and community. It explains how to use a series of worksheets to record your information so that your preferences can be implemented at the end of life.

My choices is not a legal Advance Care Directive, but the information it provides can assist you to complete one.

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