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Prepared to Share

Prepared to Share: preparing churches to support people living with mental distress

Would your church like to learn how to become a hopeful, inclusive and supportive community for people living with mental distress?


A person’s recovery from mental distress is helped by meaningful relationships, community connections, and the ability to actively participate in community. 


During this one day workshop you will discuss how churches can:


1. Promote mental health

Open a world of infinite possibilities for God’s creative potential, relational capacity and purposeful possibilities to flourish in every person.


2. Demystify mental distress and mental illness

Encourage conversations about mental distress that debunk the myths that stymie recovery and add to the person’s experience of stigma and discrimination.


3.    Share in recovery

Provide compassionate community connections that support the person living with mental illness to recover.


4.    Promote friendships of understanding

Promote informed friends to understand mental distress and to share life with a person living with mental distress because this facilitates recovery and benefits both people, and the community.


5.    Prepare referral networks

Prepare referral networks of people who are willing to provide timely and appropriate support as effective partners in recovery.



‘Prepared to Share’ is a full day workshop but can be abbreviated to two sessions of 2 hours upon request.



Baptist Care SA is willing to provide the training FREE to Baptist Churches including the provision of advertising material and participant workbooks at a time and place that suits your needs. The church needs to provide the venue including setting and packing up, refreshments, and secure 8-10 participants. 


Participants receive a comprehensive workbook with additional material for later reference.


For more information and to book a course at your church contact:

T: (08) 8273 7100 or E: [email protected]

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