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Promoting mental health in uncertain times

WORKSHOP: Promoting mental health in uncertain times


The Australian Government’s ‘National Mental Health and wellbeing pandemic response plan’ recognises there will be significant negative mental health impact from COVID-19 and the measures used to control the pandemic’s spread on individual, families and communities.1 They recognise community-based recovery initiatives that integrate whole person health, participation, collaboration and strong connection with community is essential for effective recovery.2


This workshop will look at prevention and support of people in mental distress during these times of change and transition, and how your church community can actively support a community-led recovery by:

  • Acknowledging the impact of COVID-19
  • Promoting mental health and coping strategies to build resilience
  • Recognising mental distress
  • Supporting people in mental distress


Venue: We would love to meet in a venue but we will probably meet together online due to these uncertain times!

Date: Monday 27 July

Time: 9.30am – 12pm (subject to change)


Please register via Eventbrite so we can keep you in the loop if changes occur and provide you with exact workshop details as we finalise these




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  2. Ibid p. 4.
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